Costa Rica: “Sometimes we feel the trees are crazy”

On foot, the cloud forest feels faintly submerged, dense and half-lit. It’s not just the giant trees and teeming understory, with fallen torsos and tiny, sick-ghost-grey mushrooms sprouting from them for a day. There are also the plants that grow on trees – epiphytes – ensuring that no beam of sunlight misses the ferocious mark … Continue reading Costa Rica: “Sometimes we feel the trees are crazy”

The Obelisk

When I saw these words, handwritten on a note stuck to the side of the obelisk, I paused, smiled. Passing through Queen’s Square to work on a grey Tuesday morning, naturally I felt like the text spoke particularly to me. Naturally anyone would: words full of that Yeatsian ache that takes whatever we feel of … Continue reading The Obelisk